Made for sunshine... Made for rain

Premium Wellington boots inspired by Colombian coffee farms.

£38, available in spring 2020.


Coffee farming

Colombia is a land of vast rain forests, huge mountains, sprawling savannas, and a population that is as varied as its landscapes.

Colombia produces some of the finest quality coffee in the world and is the third largest global producer behind Brazil and Vietnam.

Colombianas boots take the inspiration from the every-day work of the Colombian farmers to cultivate coffee beans.

In detail



Light on your feet

Our high-quality, thin rubber and lightweight lining helps us make the lightest, most comfortable boots possible, complete with expert cushioning and friction control.


Extra warmth

When the temperature drops, let us bring the heat. Our additional sock-like insulated lining will keep you warm at temperatures as low as -25°C/-13°F.



Because of our commitment to using natural rubber, our boots are 100% vegan.


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Technical information

For the road.

Exactly the right support for your feet, without the heaviness that often comes with a denser, thick boots. Colombianas are all about the comfort of the whole shoe.

1.2kg Weight
100% Waterproof

Four seasons technology

Durably waterproof and windproof combined with optimised breathability. Guaranteed to keep you dry in wet conditions without suffocating your feet in the summer.


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